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Life is short and we intend to savor every moment. Maison Fauchon is all about luxury indulgences. Experiencing, touching, tasting, and seeking pleasure on our own terms. No apologies. No regrets.


 Fauchon Hotel Not a moment to lose nor a piece to waste. Curators of talents. Aestheticians of the arts. Innovators of fine foods and pastries.

Our vibrant epicurean ambiance, eclectic style, and glamorous viewpoint draw citizens of the world to rendezvous at the epicenter of  pleasures: Fauchon L'hôtel Paris.

Throughout the hotel, you will discover the Fauchon spirit: the awakening of the senses, extreme quality, lightness and inventiveness.

Make your everyday exceptional, take the linen of Fauchon home.

Discover Fauchon l'Hôtel Paris

Discover the rooms and suites of the iconic hotel for which we designed this linen.