Since 1833, Garnier-Thiebaut provides the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the world with hight quality linen.


Under the leadership of Paul de Montclos, a member of the oldest textile family of France, our company is committed to authenticity and proximity based on family values and a unique savoir faire.

Through the selection of materials and threads, the unique designs of our stylists, the creation of our colors by our masters dyers, our teams work with passion to create the linen of tomorrow.


In 2019, we launched 5 by Garnier-Thiebaut to get 5 star linen into people's home. At Garnier-Thiebaut, imagination and quality are always part of the equation.

3 cups


The Designs

Subtle, classic

but relevant  

The best quality of fabric

Most popular among 5 stars hotel for their own rooms

The perfect pillows

Natural and 100% adjusted to the cases 

The Finishing

Attention to details and impeccable seams


At Garnier-Thiebaut, we believe in collective success so we invest in our region, the environment and the future generations.

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