Life is short and we intend to savor every moment. Maison Fauchon is all about luxurious indulgences. Experiencing, touching, tasting, and seeking pleasure on our own terms. No apologies. No regrets. Not a moment to lose nor a morsel to waste. Curators of talents. Aestheticians of the arts. Innovators of fine foods and pastries. Our vibrant epicurean ambiance, eclectic style, and glamorous viewpoint draw citizens of the world to rendezvous at the epicenter of consummate Fauchon pleasures: Fauchon L'hôtel Paris. A romantic domain of service excellence, decadent gourmet cuisine, and luxurious five-star hospitality, days and nights are spent in pursuit of sublime sensual gratification. It’s actually too bad everyone else’s life isn’t this amazingly grand.

Make exceptional your everyday, take the linen of Fauchon home.